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Footloose The Musical Cast List

Congratulations to the cast of Footloose The Musical !

Director/Musical Director: Frank P. Jackson

Assistant Director/Producer: Rose Stella

Choreographer: Debra Vega

Thank you to all who auditioned! What great talent! If you don't see your name on this list, we hope to see you at the show and at our next set of auditions! Don't give up!

To our cast: Congratulations! We can't wait to work with you!

Ren McCormack: Brady Szymanski

Ethel McCormack: Danielle Bedford

Rev. Shaw Moore: David Leslie

Vi Moore: Becky Moriarty

Ariel Moore: Emma Cervasio

Lulu Warnicker: Sharon Mekal

Wes Warnicker: Jeff Bennett

Coach Dunbar: John Laviolette

Eleanor Dunbar: Jo Rodriguez

Rusty: Teagan Farley

Urleen: Layla McKenzie

Wendy Jo: Rayna Gross

Chuck Cranston: Dan Madden

Travis: Brandon Hwalek

Bickle: Ryan Tivnan

Cop/Cowboy Bob: Shawn Germain

Betty Blast: Dee Ward

Willard Hewitt: Ashton Greene

Principal Clark: Lori Kyle

Jeter: John Burns

Cowgirl Allie/Teen Ensemble: Aleyana Ramos

Country Kicker/Teen Ensemble: Emma Roffe

Country Kicker/Teen Ensemble: Payton Fydenkevez & Eva Breau


Teen Ensemble:

Harper Kyle

Celine Johnson

Trevi Sandberg

Maddie Moriarty

Samantha Surrette

Adult Ensemble:

MaryAnn Arnold

Didi Chalero

Deb Campfield

Nancy McGreal

Sue McNary

Heather Quinn

Sally Jo Stevens

Beth Wadden

Joanne Walsh


Youth Ensemble:

Andrew Bennett

Alice Carabetta

Luciana Colo

Savannah Cote

Macy Feit

Harper Germain

Brynn Tarquini

Gia Tarquini

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