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The Lion King Jr. Cast List

Congratulations to the cast of Disney's The Lion King Jr. !

Directors: Rose Stella, Dee Ward, and Becky Moriarty

Musical Director: Frank Jackson 

Choreographer: Debra Vega


Wow! We had over 75 young people come out to audition for the Lion King Jr last week! That is so great but made our job SO HARD!! We simply HAD to cut actors due to size alone! If you didn’t get a role in this show, we encourage you to try again. Don’t be discouraged, the talent in this community is AMAZING, and we sincerely want to give you a chance to perform on our stage. In the meantime, we hope to see you at the show! Thank you so much for sharing your talents!

**Ensemble roles in any show are essential, but especially in THIS show. Our Ensemble members will take on a variety of roles including animals or puppeteers in Circle of Life, Grassland Chants, etc. as well as part of the Chorus that will be singing throughout the show. These roles will be assigned by the Creative Team as rehearsals move forward.

***PLEASE NOTE---First full cast rehearsal will be on Wednesday, Jan. 18th at 6:00 p.m. at the Community Center.

Cast List:
Rafiki – Adia Samba-Quee
Mufasa – John Burns
Sarabi – Emma Cervasio
Zazu – Payton Fydenkevez
Scar – Brady Szymanski
Young Simba – Andrew Bennett
Simba – Ella Butcher
Young Nala – Campbell Schulze
Nala – Aleyana Ramos
Sarafina – Damien McCarthy
Banzai – Sam Schulze
Shenzi – Emma Roffe
Ed – Gregory Jin De Jesus
Timon – Maya Linehan
Pumbaa – Carter Carroll


Cordelia Begley
Madelyn Bennett
Olivia Blaxland
Sofia Bovat
Alice Carabetta
Erin Curran
Khalea Crudup
Henry Fenwick Rodriguez
Kiera Farley
Macy Feit
Maeve Farley
Teagan Farley
Aubrey Gillis-West
Bailey Gross
Molly Grout
Taylor Glass
Tina Graziano
Brandon Hwalek
Addy Jacque
Nicholas Jin De Jesus
Arya Kyle
Harper Kyle
Beth Lange
Carter Liebel
Collin Medeiros
Alyssa Plante
Sarah Phillips
Schuyler Puleo
Ava Stuart
Ceallach Sheehan
Mya Stuart
Bridget Tivnan
Ryan Tivnan
Odin Vega
Addison Wensley

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