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Upcoming Auditions

The St. Michael’s Players is thrilled to announce auditions for their
Fall 2024 Intergenerational show: Scrooge The Musical 
In this timeless musical adaptation of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, miserly Ebenezer Scrooge undergoes a profound experience of redemption over the course of a Christmas Eve night, after being visited by the ghost of his former Jacob Marley and the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future. 


Auditions will be held as follows:
           Tuesday, June 4th, 2024 OR Wednesday, June 5th, 2024
6:00 PM: 
Adults & Youth (ages 8-12) for ENSEMBLE
   7:15 PM: Adults & Teens for Principal & Secondary dancing/singing/speaking roles.

Callbacks will be Tuesday, June 11th, 2024, 6:00 PM by invitation only.

St. Michael's Community Center, 53 Somers Rd., East Longmeadow, MA

Production Team:
Director/Musical Director: Frank P. Jackson
Assistant Director: Rose Stella
Choreographer: Debra Vega

Performance Dates: 
 November 21st-24th, 2024
(Thursday, Friday,  & Saturday 7PM, Sunday 2PM)

Rehearsal Dates:
             Beginning in August for LEADS, Sundays 1-4PM,
Starting in September (after Labor Day), Sundays 1-4PM (Full or Partial Cast) Wednesdays & Thursdays 6:30-9:30 (Leads)        

        *Note: Cast members will be expected to attend all rehearsals they are called for unless
           they have a conflict(s) listed on their audition sheet they wish to honor as excuse
        * Important: The number of conflicts listed may impact casting eligibility.


Audition Information:

- Will include a vocal audition (individual or group), dance/movement audition, and cold readings from the script as needed.

- Each individual should bring a filled-out audition form (PDF below) OR fill out the online audition form below.  

- For vocal auditions please refer to the list of Audition Songs (found below). Selections do not need to be memorized and sheet music is permitted. Piano accompaniment will be provided. No acapella auditions or backing tracks are allowed. 

Audition Songs:

Click here to listen to Willy Wonka Jr. musical numbers!

Please prepare 16-32 bars of one of the songs listed below depending on what 
role you’ll be auditioning for: 
Pure Imagination--------------Willy Wonka 
I’ve Got a Golden Ticket--------Charlie Bucket 
Think Positive------------------ Mr. Bucket 
I Eat More---------------------- Augustus Gloo
p, Mrs. Gloop, Phineous Trout 
I See It All on TV-----------------Mike Teavee, Ms. Teavee, Phineous Trout 
Cheer Up Charlie---------------Mrs. Bucket, Grandpa Joe 
Chew It-------------------------Violet Beauregard 
I Want It Now-------------------Veruca Salt 
The Candy Man----------------Ensemble (includes Oompa Loompas, Cooks, 
Squirrels, Candy Kids, etc.) Begin with Willy Wonka’s part, “Who can take a 

Character Breakdown

General Cast: Large (40+), children through adult. Strong/large chorus. 

All of the listed named characters have a least some featured solo singing and must have strong solo voices. British accent preferred. 


​Ebenezer Scrooge: Main role. Older man whose great wealth has turned his heart to stone. Dear to the needs of his fellow men, he must journey through past/present/future to regain the spirit of charity and kindness he once had as a young man. Baritone.

                    Audition Song: "Happiness" and "I Hate People"

Bob Cratchit: Hardworking clerk In Scrooge's employment. Dedicated to his family, especially to his young disabled son Tiny Tim. Maintains a kind heart, even in the fact of Scrooge's evil temper and mean spiritedness. Suggested Age: 20s-30s. Tenor-Baritone. 

                    Audition Song: "You" or "Happiness"

Harry (Scrooge Nephew): Warm, compassionate nephew of Scrooge. Feels sorry for Scrooge and obligated to hum, being family. Can be a non-singing role. 

Young Adult Ebenezer: Will need to be able to dance and sing well. 

                    Audition Song: "You" or "Happiness"

Mr.Fezziwig/Hugo Heartly: Portly, jolly man. Must be able to dance. Tenor-Baritone.

                    Audition Song: "December the 25th"

Tom Jenkins/School Teacher: Cockney accent. Good dancer. As Tom Jenkins - hot soup man who owes money to Scrooge. Baritone. 

                    Audition Song: "Thank You Very Much"

Jacob Marley: Scrooge's dead partner. Song can be spoken/partially sung.

                    Audition Song: "Male the Most of this World"

Ghost of Christmas Present: Large, jovial man. A showman! Song can be partially spoken and sung. Bass. 

                    Audition Song: "I Like Life" and "Finale - Act I"

Wine Merchant/Dick Wilkins/Phantom: Young Adult Male

                    Audition Song: "December the 25th"

Jocelyn Jollgoode/Phantom: Adult Male. Can be a non-singing role. 

Bissett/Phantom/Christmas Future/Butcher: Adult Male. Non-singing role. 

Punch and Judy Man/Phantom/Topper: Puppeteer, single man at party. Young or Older Adult Male.

                   Audition Song: "The Minister's Cat" (Can be spoken/half sung)

Mr.Pringle/Phantom/Toy Shop Owner: Adult Male. 

                    Audition Song: "Thank You"

Young Male Roles:

Tiny Tim: Young son of Bob Cratchit. Weak/crippled. Full of true goodness and hope. 7-9 years old. Lightweight to beeasily lifted up on Bob Cratchit's shoulders. 

                    Audition Song: "Beautiful Day"

Peter Cratchit: Older son of Bob Cratchit. 

                    Audition Song: "Beautiful Day"

Urchins: A collection of various age boys.

                    Audition Song: "Father Christmas"

Jack-In-The-Box, Boy with Sled

                    Audition Song: "Father Christmas"

Adult Female Roles:

Bess: Seller in the market. 

                    Audition Song: "Father Christmas"

Ethel Cratchit: Wife of Bob.

                    Audition Song: "Beautiful Day"

Mrs.Dilber/Mrs.Fezziwig: Seller of knitwear. Jovial woman. Must be a dancer. 

                    Audition Song: "December 25th"

Miss Dilber/Mary: Seller in market of knitwear. 

                    Audition Song: Father Christmas"

Beggar Woman/Mrs.Pringle: Wife of toy shop owner.

                    Audition Song: "Father Christmas"

Chestnut Seller: Seller in the market. Could be a young female as well. 

                    Audition Song: "Thank you"

Ghost of Christmas Past: Good singer, actress. Mysterious.

                    Auditions Song: "Happiness" and "Love While You Can"

Isabel/Helen: Love interest of Scrooge. Dancer.

                      Audition Song: "Happiness"

Shellfish Seller: Seller in the market. Could be a young female as well. 

                      Audition Song: "Thank You"

Young Female Roles:

Kathy Cratchit: Daughter of Bob Cratchit. Good Singer and Actress!

                     Audition Song: "Christmas Children"

Belinda Cratchit: Daughter of Bob.

                   Audition Song: "Beautiful Day"

Martha Cratchit: Daughter of Bob.

                   Audition Song: "Beautiful Day"

Jenny: Scrooge's Sister. Could be non-sing role, but not necessarily.


All Ensemble (only) Adults, Teens, and Youth (ages 7-12) should be prepared to sing "Thank You Very Much" in groups.

             *Note: All in the Ensemble will be included in scenes with the "crowd" as carolers, shoppers, and party guests. 

All Adults, Teens, and Youth (ages 7-12) for Adult Male, Young Male, Adult Female and Young Female Roles should be prepared to sing in groups "Thank You Very Much" and "December the 25th".

Dance movement will be added for both groups. Please wear comfortable clothing, shoes, sneakers, but no flip-flops or sandals.

Audition Form: "Willy Wonka Jr."

January 2nd & 3rd, 2024

Please Note: This form will close on January 2nd at 2pm. We invite you to print out the form above OR arrive early to fill out an audition form. 

May we text you?
May we text you?
Vocal Range (select all that apply)
If you are not given a solo, are you willing to sing in an ensemble number?
Have you ever spoken or read in front of a group?
Can you get across the stage on your own?
Have you ever sung in front of a group?
Do you use a walking device or wheelchair?
Have you ever danced in front of a group?
Can you speak clearly in sentences?
Do you use sign language?
If you are not cast in the show, would you be willing to volunteer in any of the following areas?
St. Michael's Players reserves the right to utilize photos and/or videos of participants for publicity purposes (including but not limited to print media, Facebook, Instagram, SMP Website). Please check yes if you agree and allow your photograph/video to be used. Please check no if you do not wish to have your photograph/video used in SMP publicity.

Thank you for submitting. We can't wait to see you at auditions! Please reach out with any questions you might have!

This form no longer accepts submissions. Please print out the PDF or arrive early to fill out a paper Audition Form! Thank you!

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